Lea Karen Kivi

Below is information about Lea’s experience in:

  • Technical Communications
  • Community Mission

Technical Communications Experience

Lea has provided technical communications services for several information technology and financial industry corporations in Silicon Valley, California and in Toronto, Canada.

In the last few years, her work has focused in the areas of Knowledge Management,  Enterprise Data & Analytics, and Regulatory Compliance in the securities industry.

Lea Karen Kivi Library

Community Mission Experience


Having designations in mediation and arbitration, Lea has mediated disputes in Small Claims Courts in Toronto.


Lea has provided training material on appropriate boundaries in ministry as well as input on clergy sexual abuse policies and procedures to religious communities in Canada. Most recently, she provided training on survivor sensitivities to staff members at a Catholic psychotherapeutic counseling centre as well as a general presentation on survivor needs to the organization called Concerned Lay Catholics.

Media Appearances / Presentations

She has spoken about clergy sexual abuse as a guest on the Context with Lorna Dueck television show and the Mediation Station radio show. She has also facilitated discussions about this topic at churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto (including the Newman Centre at the University of Toronto, St. Luke’s and St. Timothy’s parishes).

Books and Articles

Lea wrote two books on this topic (Abuse in the Church – Healing the Body of Christ, and A Survivor’s Journey through the Bible) as well as articles in America magazine, The Catholic Register, and elsewhere.


Being a life-long learner, Lea has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Toronto, and has taken ministry courses at Santa Clara University, Toronto School of Theology (Regis College), Tyndale Seminary, and Emmaus Formation Centre.

Dispute prevention and resolution

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