listening place

Safeguarding, Healing, Reconciliation


Welcome to Listening Place, a project exploring how to respond effectively and compassionately to the horror of clergy sexual abuse.

This project is currently fully supported by Angela’s Heart Communications Inc., but may transform into a network of organizations or a separate non-profit in the future.

Online discussion groups and presentations are being offered now. Soon, we hope to launch a series of podcasts as described below.

If you are interested in partnering with Listening Place, sponsoring a podcast, or would like more information, please fill in the contact form below.


The goal of the podcast is to explore how to:

  • Prevent sexual abuse in communities of faith
  • Support the healing of victims / survivors of clergy sexual abuse and others directly and indirectly harmed
  • Minimize further trauma when reporting abuse to faith communities and when seeking justice through the legal system

Dispute prevention and resolution

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