Angela’s Heart continues to offer technical / business writing services to banking and financial services companies in downtown Toronto.

Dispute Resolution / Mediation

Angela’s Heart is available to offer customized dispute resolution and mediation services to faith communities and other organizations.  Such services might include (but wouldn’t be limited to):

  • Receiving complaints about sexual harassment or clergy abuse on behalf of a corporation or religious organization (which might be less intimidating to complainants than having them contact a corporate representative / clergyperson to make such a complaint)
  • Interviewing sexual harassment / sex abuse complainants
  • Facilitating restorative justice-style ‘circles’ for survivors of abuse / harassment only or for survivors and other members of the organization / religious community members

At times, the availability of such services would be restricted to evenings and weekends.

Please contact Lea with the form below for current availability and, if interested, in setting up a time for an initial free chat about possible ways that Lea can assist you.

Dispute prevention and resolution

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