angelas-heart-logo-200-dpiLea Karen Kivi

Now setting up online meetings to discuss how to prevent clergy sexual abuse, and how to support healing of those directly and indirectly affected. For more information, go to the Contact section.

Going to court involves great legal, personal, and reputational costs.

Mediation, restorative justice, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can save you the time, money, and trauma of adversarial conflict resolution in a litigious setting. Conflict management coaching can also support you in meeting your desired outcomes in a compassionate and caring way.

On the other hand, having training on appropriate boundaries, as well as clear and compassionate complaint handling policies and procedures, can prevent conflict in the first place.

My name is Lea Karen Kivi, and I am the president of Angela’s Heart.

I can help provide business and faith community leaders as well as complainants with compassionate and neutral support in conflict resolution, particularly in dealing with highly sensitive complaints such as clergy sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

In addition, I can analyze your organization’s conflict resolution policies, procedures, and systems, and then recommend improvements.

With online conferencing, I can help any organization with an internet connection.

I invite you to reach out to me to see how I can support you in meeting your goals.



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Dispute prevention and resolution