Lea Karen Kivi
Lea Karen Kivi, M.A., WFA, Q.Med, Q.Arb


Angela’s Heart Communications Inc. is primarily involved in two areas:

  • Technical communications
  • Community mission

Technical Communications

The company provides information technology and financial services organizations assistance with development of:

  •  Knowledge management strategies
  • Policies and procedures
  •  Learning and development programs and  materials
  • Technical documentation

Community Mission

In various ways, the president of Angela’s Heart Communications (Lea Karen Kivi, a Qualified Mediator / Arbitrator)  works to build bridges between those who have been harmed in various forms and circumstances in society and those who are able to assist them in healing and reconciliation efforts. Her primary focus has been supporting victims/survivors as well as faith community leaders with respect to situations of clergy sexual abuse.

Whether your organization is commercial or faith-based, Angela’s Heart Communications looks forward to working with you. 

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